How do you swamp my dreams

     and clench my thoughts each night and day?

It seems you dominate my heart

     and mind in every way.

How is it possible one man can sustain

     the power to preserve this trance,

You've established control of my every emotion

     just from your first stirring glance.

I've tried to confront you -

To show my affection

In hope our eyes meet

And our hearts make connection

I already love you -

You may not believe

You've won me entirely.....

Never I'd leave.

I long to possess your heart and

     hold your body every night

I want to hear you say you love me

     and feel you hold me tight.

Until the day comes when I can confront you

     and tell you how I feel

I'll dream of you and I each night

     under impressions it was real.

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and so i come

punishing myself again

surrendering to the summons

of that purity she showed me

sometimes i want

to hold myself back

urge myself and think

that she is just

a sweet delusion

to my collection of

bitter illusions

i want her to

get inside my truth

but then again i wont

she might lose herself


and she confessed things

that wouldnt even scratch

a bit of my respect

things that i have been through

that for me have fast

become mere childsplay

i too am thinking about

confessing the things she knows

that she learns when i

roll into my soul baring scheme

the things she needs to know

and that certain divinity

that has grown to be the

core of our dreams

but then again i thought

id rather not because

if ever some power

from up there forbids

the shedding of the beauty

of this dream

i might drag her down

with my truth

deceivingly masked as a lie

now ask me why

i said id rather burn.

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To Jody With all my Love

Love of my Life

Twenty-nine years ago, my life began...

It was a dark and sultry night

When I met the one who gave my life light,

and true meaning, to love at 1st sight.

In an instant, not more than a moment or two

I knew, you were for me, and I for you.

I told my friend as we drove away

that my heart had found my "other" that day.

I didn't want to leave you, but I had to go

without the knowledge that, away, you were to blow.

For what seemed an eternity, I searched in a sweat

Until I found you again in the place we 1st met.

I must admit, my heart leaped for joy

This dude was one happy boy.

It was this night, Mr. Cool I played

to see if you would ask me to stay.

When you did, I was beside myself with pride,

had you not, I would have gone out and died,

but you again brought me life

and didn't believe me when I asked you to be my wife.

Ain't it funny as we look back over time

how it seems I was destined to be yours and you to be mine?

The years have slipped away

but the girl I married has never changed,

she was then, as she is today,

that 18 year old sweetheart in every way.

Love you always


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to my wife on valentines day.  I was short of cash and late leaving work, so I wrote thing in about 20 minutes, printed it in script and it now hangs on our living room wall.

It is a true story of how we met.  I asked her to marry me on our second meeting.  Took two years before I convinced her it was the real thing.

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The Lady OF My Soul

The Lady Of My Soul

From deep within her bright eyes

and in her sultry laugh

come tender soul vibrations

where spells of love are cast.

With graceful taste and wisdom

through strife or peace and hope

there lives my sweet enchantress

The lady of my soul.

Her rare and mystic mindset

a lighthouse for the truth

sends passionate love beacons

to the sea of stranded youth

With words of gathered knowledge

Inwoven in her speech

with mercy and true vision

she speaks of faith in leaps.

Her look is deep with dreaming

of a love that cancels tears.

Her eyes are filled with wonder

and unpermitted fears.

For she's come down from heaven

and all the lives she passed

are vehicles of purpose

that wait to bring her back.

And when her needed tableaux

protects her special doves

with teeming flair and purpose

she triumphs in her love.

In calm she waits out worry

when time for changing grows

and there's no other mortal

more patient with her own.

Deep in the heart of my soul

lies the jewell of her worth.

where destiny has brought her

to deal with love or hurt.

In bold and sudden fashion

she rises from the fold

to state her love with spirit

the lady of my soul.

She knows dry eyes are hiding

the feelings in this man.

while sweetness of her merit

within my pulse expands.

Her armor or her softness

both stir my mind like fire

no quick reluctant purpose

can quell my deep desire.

With cheer and expectation

and time for all things born

she heartens the disheartened

and comforts the forlorn.

She's gentle and all-seeing

and mirrors her repose

with love for curing sadness

the lady of my soul.

Her words are wonderous music

that warm like winds of spring.

And her faith is like the twilight

the end of day can bring.

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I Love Ya All

When people say hi,

I always want to cry.

Most peole will not do that,

And I feel like a bat,

Right in the way,

So they can make fun of me or ignore me each day.

I love everbody, short, tall,

Or even as big as a car.

If you will not except me for who I am,

Then don't pretend to be my friend.

If you see me in the hall or the mall,

Then please give me a huge so I won't ball (cry).

I use to want to be popular,

But popularity isn't the only thing.

Just reach for the stars,

And don't judge people, because they are in bars.

I treasure friends,

Even if they are in different bands.

They could be dorks or even nerbs,

But they are sweet as birds (to me).

I love you,

Even if you won't love me, too.

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Who Cares

Who Cares,

I care!

For who,

That's you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my best friend, Morgan!  Thanks for being there when I needed you most!  You are so special to me!  I do care about you, so don't think I don't, but I know you don't!  I hope you enjoy it!  It is short but sweet, thanks for looking!

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Well may we be,

    If consider us this,

To continue or lives,

    In the strength of music.

A start Melodies true,

    Four parted in chords,

Not blocked be block harmony,

    As it harmony soars.

As with soaring appeal,

    The rhythm evolves,

As pictured it be,

    The music the soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is a rhythm and a harmony, with a distant melody, this life at times. It is a matter of keeping the beat perhaps.

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If my heart

Was instrumental

It would be a harp

Played by an angel

Who looks just like you

And with each plucked tone

My heart would sing

Not of sadness

But of joy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As close as I can come to the shape of a harp.

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Bless the lands of all people...

my heart sings out to you,

join in my song,

we can't go wrong,

let's give it one more chance to,

make peace real.

Bless the hope in our children...

their hearts cry out to you;




Tell them you feel the same.

That we won't step back,

we'll reach for the chance to,

make peace real.

Hear me calling out to you....

tell me you feel the same,

reach out your hand,

join in the stand,

let's give it one more chance to,

make peace real.

Bless the lives gone before us....

they are calling from their graves;




let no more death be in vain."

Hear their souls cry,

Now is the time to,

make peace real.

Bless the people of all nations...

it is up to you and me to,




tell us where we went wrong,

help us to stand

Lord, you're in command,

Just give us One Last Chance to,

make peace real.

Can you hear me calling out to you?...

Tell me you feel the same.

We're part of the whole,

not pieces alone.

I think we're worth, one more chance to,...




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