John Lennon



By jfarrell


   (in regards to Rudyard Kipling’s masterpiece)



You’re still standing, after all this time;

After all these many battles and defeats;


When they rub salt in your wounds,

You can lick it out and spit it back at them;


When they kick your legs from under you, you get up;

Because you’re too stupid to stay down;



If only life had been nicer;

Seaside and ice cream;

Hugs and kisses from mum and dad



But a lot of things;

And none of them matter

After all this time.



If you can’t get even, get drunk;

So drunk, how much it hurts don’t matter;


You’re sleeping ‘out’ tonight;

Keep warm, it’s gonna be a cold one;


I, we, all cared more,

And life was very different from what it is;


John Lennon invited us to imagine;

And we could all imagine that dream enough to share it.


What if….?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hope if was rudyard kipling, or i really messed that up, hehe :-) i relly should check my stuff first

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For My Hero


There once was a girl
Who looked out at the world
And saw that it was going wrong
Her hero was a peaceful one
But he was taken by a gun
Before she was even born
But his music changed her life somehow
Because of him she is peaceful now
She knows that peace can be
And that love is all we need
Her hero is of course John Lennon
And she won't let him be forgotten
Through her his message lives on
In all of her poems and songs
She is willing to be but a messenger
So she can save others
The way he saved her

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