hopeless romance

We'll be together

My Songs

I day dream throughout the whole day
Just thinkin’ all about you
I can’t concentrate
On anything else

One day we’ll be together
Standing strong
Side by side
We’ll be together

I dream about being with you
Standing by your side
Fighting the world with our love
We cannot be separated

One day we’ll be together
Standing strong
Side by side
We’ll be together

When we get together
No one can break our love
So strong
So special
When together

One day when we get together
Standing side by side
Our love
Will keep us through
Our troubled times
One day we’ll be together
Standing strong
Side by side
We’ll be together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is writen about me and my boyfriend who currently lives in another country.

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By The Lake

By The Lake

Let us take a slow walk by the lake

Watch the reflection of the moonlight

We will dance by the music of our hearts

We can make love all night

  • We will look into each others eyes

    Not one word will need to be spoken

    Our hearts will say everything to be said

    As the silence remains unbroken

  • I will caress your every dangerous curve

    We will snuggle as I hold you in my arms

    I want to dive head first in slow motion

    Land in the middle of your charms

  • We will gently touch each others skin

    As we tremble away all lingering denial

    As we kiss and set afire each others soul

    I’ll stroke your hair that flows like the Nile

  • Come sweet Delilah lets take a slow walk

    We will stroll down by the lake shore

    We will show the moon and stars

    Just what the night was made for

  • This is my Reason

    Soul mates

    Ahhh, the sun is tucked away,
    Hiding so that it may pounce
    upon the moon when
    she seductively passes
    hinting of moods to come
    News of their antics
    are brought by the winds
    And the cool fresh breeze
    deftly strokes my face
    Inviting me to breathe in deeply
    And draw in the cleansing air
    I look to the beaming brightest star
    And I think of my poetry
    Lines in verses
    Verses in stanzas,
    swapping lines weaving imagery
    in the filigree of intricately placing
    these haphazardly chosen words
    into emotive candles in the wind
    signalling what I am of life and soul.
    There are no whispers in my poetry
    they are my words for me.
    Sometimes they are elusive and
    play endless tip-chasey like
    The sun chasing moons shadow
    Moon chasing the sun's light
    Like some small sliver of the moon
    these words are all I have
    in lieu of warm arms and gentle caresses
    here with my pleasant company
    for a while in a stolen moment
    Perhaps as some small recompense
    I offer these to you as if it is all I have
    Never partaking of this impossible love
    Happy just to look upon eachother
    And enjoy the company alone it brings
    Thus I and you.

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    Lost the original trying to catch it all before I go. :!)

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    so there we were in the beginning.



    but almost always together.

    we have disagreements.

    argue all the time

    and talk on the phone at the end of the night


    you and i.

    lovers in a twine.

    i am yours and you are mine.

    we're together.

    we went to the movies.

    out to dinner, back to your crib


    we held hands, rubbed each others back

    and caressed


    u pushed me.

    i slapped you.

    u grilled me

    i pinched you.

    and we still stay


    i teach you. you inspire me.

    i learn from you.

    we make mistakes


    i said i hate you

    you said you never wanna see me

    but we still stayed


    the point I'm trying to prove here is

    i love you


    even though many things happened between us.

    when i have you it doesn't matter

    because we're


    most people will read this

    and notice the negative things

    and override the fact that all we do

    when we do it

    is because we don't want to be alone but be together.

    i love you

    and i want to stay

    together forever.

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    This is dedicated to my love, my ex boyfriend Naran.
    He's always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. He definitely inspired me to write this.

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