writing poetry

Inspired To Write

Why am I inspired to write

Poetry so late at night

whether it be two or three

I will be 

there with a pen and paper

and yet i find

inspiration not mine

when trying to write

at a decent time

I find its because 

my mind does

work wonders so late at night. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was thinking about this last night and ended up accidentally creating a poem about it. I think its a funny little poem but am quite fond of it. I hope you enjoyed reading :) 

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This is my Reason

Soul mates

Ahhh, the sun is tucked away,
Hiding so that it may pounce
upon the moon when
she seductively passes
hinting of moods to come
News of their antics
are brought by the winds
And the cool fresh breeze
deftly strokes my face
Inviting me to breathe in deeply
And draw in the cleansing air
I look to the beaming brightest star
And I think of my poetry
Lines in verses
Verses in stanzas,
swapping lines weaving imagery
in the filigree of intricately placing
these haphazardly chosen words
into emotive candles in the wind
signalling what I am of life and soul.
There are no whispers in my poetry
they are my words for me.
Sometimes they are elusive and
play endless tip-chasey like
The sun chasing moons shadow
Moon chasing the sun's light
Like some small sliver of the moon
these words are all I have
in lieu of warm arms and gentle caresses
here with my pleasant company
for a while in a stolen moment
Perhaps as some small recompense
I offer these to you as if it is all I have
Never partaking of this impossible love
Happy just to look upon eachother
And enjoy the company alone it brings
Thus I and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost the original trying to catch it all before I go. :!)

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