The Hallow Space

The Hallow Space

Upon entering the hallow space, I cannot help but feel battered and defected
Staring into the nothingness, wondering why my emotions remain scattered and uncollected
My mind weighs heavy and my heat continuously tearing
Struck down at every turn, getting to the point of despairing
My conscience screams and cry’s as if I am unaware
Begging me to weep alongside it, releasing my pain and utter despair
What was here is now there, what was strong now met its grim demise
Now here I stand, spectating, as another part of me quickly dies
The pain of being here is almost unbearable, as I must depart
Slowly turning back leaving another foundation to inevitably to fall apart

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One Day of Hell

School Writings

I can feel the heal surround my body,
It caresses my arms and rubs my legs.

Blazing orange, yellow, and red,
I see nothing but the blinding lights.

I look to my shoulder to see rot spotty,
It burns to feel the brushes of the heat.

I now begin to dread what I dread,
But what can I do but suffer through.

For I know I deserve this pain not,
But there is nothing left for me to do.

As many can see the burning trees,
This place I am in can be expressed.

No longer can I take this hot,
This way, this pain, this crazy craze,

For now I enjoy this heat-filled breeze,
But still, this summer's day is hell to me.

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This assignment is based off of an Epigram, but is not read like one. If you take the second line of each stanza you will get an Epigram. I Hope... But yea, so there you have it.

NOTE: I do not know how to feel about this one...

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