heart break

No one to care about my feeling leads me to write my final note..

you left

im going to do it

the jerk i have been

how iv made your life misable

im sorry ... it wont happen again

your not willing to try for a second chance not at

a suiside not im writing to all

good bye my love... good bye family ... good bye everyone

im one less youll need on this plannet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ill do it .. if i wasnt soo scared :'(

i never thought that'd id be writing a farewell poem about you

there's something about a pinky promise,

and two pairs of eyes that are searching for a place to sleep,

that refuses to forget itself,

at least that seems to be the case for me,


and although you no longer need me in that place,

i still close my eyes to the steady thumbing of each page,

a script i have become fluent in,

an accent from which i cannot seem to refrain,


maybe it's better if i regress in my steps,

to accept the view of you when I'm not by your side,

someday maybe it will scab over,

or at least i will become articulate with my lies,


there's something about a pinky promise,

one pair of eyes that see right through,

and i just never thought that,

i'd be writing a farewell poem about you.

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Time has a way of fading the shadows of the past,
i see you in the present but if i am the past of your
emotions, share those feelings and express it.

If you ever forget me, look for me in the memories
of your past dreams.

As you fight to leave me behind like a fading ripple in
your life, be sure to know my heart will react the same,
like a dying ocean trapped in a body of a still river,

But if still, your eyes shines as bright for a thought
and your personality smiles flower like in my presence,
As if yesterday is your tomorrow then forget me not
for my heart will remain with yours.


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my life the lie;the long dream short changed

she just put on a mask
looked me in the eyes
said I love you
went out went shopping
made dinner washed dishes
went to bed had sex didn't
hugged kissed fought cried
said I love you for a decade
behind my back in front of the world
took off the mask
looked them in the eyes
she lied all that time a constant 24/7 lie
a decade
we had a home we lived a normal life
bbq'd watched movies
cuddled laughed played cried
were scared to death together
made it thru together
all the while a secrete life
and I had none
I have nothing
I’m the product of nothing everything I have believed -a lie
everything I felt -a lie
every kiss
every night every morning every hardship every paycheck
every dinner every dish washed
every lazy day together
every time my heart felt full was a lie

every goddamn I love you was a lie

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I stand alone.
My "heart of stone",
Lays shattered before my feet.
And I wonder what to do,
Pick up the pieces or run to you.

I'm falling now.
I'm breaking down.
I know you won't catch me.
But here I am with you in mind.
Not a chance of breaking free.

You've got me boy.
To you I'm a toy.
You keep taking my happiness away.
But I'm done with trying now.
There's nothing I can do to make you stay.

So goodbye.
Please go die.
I'm done with these feelings I have for you.
If I can't stop them, I'll hide them.
Either way I'm done with you.

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My Dream

I have a dream. 

It may not be as deep and powerful as Dr. King's.

But I too have a dream. 

I dream that one day I am blessed enough to experience true happiness. 

Happiness like we all deserve. 

That I can be a mother a wife and change somebody's life. 

That hate and hurt will be a distant memory.

That we'll have a family and a daily routine. 

Dinner at eight and movie nights and secret dates. 

That we'll go to bed together and fall asleep with just our feet touching. 

Yes, I have a dream .

A simple dream.

But it was my dream.

It was... And I almost had it. 

We almost had it. 

If only you could have put down that bottle or peered over the rim of your glass long enough to see. 

Maybe you would have seen me. 

Standing there, crying and screaming and begging and pleading. 

Trying to catch a put back together the pieces of my once promised dream.

Going to bed alone every night, still dreaming.

But dreaming turned into scheming until all dreams were lost. 

So yea, I once had a dream. 

But not my only dream it so dream again. 

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I wish I could hide
Just fly away
Leave behind every kind
I just can't stay

I need to leave
I can't be here anyway
I just need to beleive
that I can just get away

The wind soars past my ears
The breeze in my eyes
Wipes away the tears
The sound hides my cries


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Putting the past behind.

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