good times

Good Times


These are the good times,

The days we will remember.

Never let them go.

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A Fish Story

Just a thought!
A good portion of my young, boyhood life was spent fishing many of the
Ozark streams. The Meramec , Big River, Huzzah and one often visited with
Granpa, Gasconade River, down by the farm in Maries County. Most times
we would stop and pick up a couple boys living along the river.
They were always good company, and it didn't hurt, they knew where
all the good fishing holes were. After digging enough worms to fill up a
Hills Brothers coffee can, we'd bait the hooks and toss our line in the stream.
The river was so clear, you could see every color in the rocks as the sun
danced through the cold, spring fed water. Never a long wait, fish were
always eager to swallow a big,  fat, juicy earthworm.
Our stringer full and bellies empty after a couple hours in the sun, we'd
haul em' up on the bank and commence to cleaning, while Granpa started
a good camp fire in the pit.  Since "old man Butler's" cornfield backed up
to the river, we always managed to relieve him of a few ears to go with
the fish fry.  Sitting by the fire till dark, with Granpa telling fish stories of
Uncle Mearl being pulled in the river by a "Big One", we ate our fill of Bass,
Perch, and quite a few Catfish as I recall, not to mention the sweet corn that
melted in your mouth...That was some good eatin!
Before dropping off the boys, we stopped by "Old man Butler's" with a few
nice size Catfish to compensate him for the corn that disappeared.
He thanked us for the fish and said "he hoped the corn was good."
We thanked him and said, "indeed, it was delicious."
Those days are gone, yet always surface in my memory.
Today, I walked through a puddle after a morning rain...
The sun glistened off tiny ripples, the colored pebbles danced at my feet...
And Granpa smiled'

        by Barry Anderson
Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Things can bring back memories when you least expect them"

Ode To The Good Times

How I love to gaze into those blue eyes
To see your smile shine bright as the sunlight
You were different than all other guys
For you I wanted to fight the good fight
When I began to see into your heart
I knew then there would never be a doubt
You took my breath away right from the start
There is no way I could just do without
What makes me scared, what fills me with worry
Is that I will lose you someday to death
I'm trying not to live life so hurried
Each day is precious until our last breath
I will love you until the end of time
Please say your love will be forever mine

Brandy Noelle Souza
November 21, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband

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My Found City

I see this city glowing in the night
As I stroll down this street in orange bathed,
And I can sense its desirable might:
I know that this is what I’ve always craved.

I’m refurbishing my box; I break out.
To the pub! We chant, and friends with drinks flow,
Then the club, feeling Latina vibes I shout,
Salsa for joy: “¡Más que nada!”

More. Oh God. Ebony skin, warmer than I
Ever imagined. Oh God. Your weight on my groin.
Blood rush. Rub me. Tactile heav’n.
Beautiful, blacker than this night. Yes, no, yes, yes.

And when I wake and feel these shining rays,
I know I want to do it all again.

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