Glowing Teal Wisps

Some time after mid day, crystals began growing
off the ends of the house and along every window.
Like fossilized ivy without mind nor remorse,
it devoured the surface until it met with itself.
The air thinned quickly and we fell to our knees,
gasping for substance and clawing at baseboards.
After we'd slept and dried in the vacuum,
our ghostly visages did break from their bonds.
And we rose against mass like balloons of hot air;
about to ascend through ceiling and mineral.
But despite our new states of glowing teal wisps,
the hardening rock could still somehow contain us.
We wailed and rattled our chains and our whips,
all in impotent distress and distortions.
Soon we all wore, and could no longer tend
to the cosmic injustice that encased us within.
So settled we did into every new crack
that forms in foundations beneath our old tomb.
And when we hear steps from above come clacking,
we cry out in terror to worn and be known.
Desperate to save from the encasement of glitz,
they soon run in fear of all the sounds that they gleam.

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Burned to ashes,
Churned them up before each bone of mine clashes...
Hawks plucked out my skin,
Far far away the ribs of that fire flashes...

Broken was my every desire,
Desire to become the greatest messiah...
Ruined will be the lives of those sinners,
'Coz these sins of mine will never let them respire...

Into that alive coffin,
I was sleeping with that future sin...
Flames of my secrecy and terribility,
Will burn their hopeless fins...

The conversion of the world to the devilish hell,
The carcass of every blood scoop will be buried into that well...
Will horrify every child so much,
That stories of mine will be muted and never be permitted to tell...

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Upon the world night falls
and darkness covers the face of the earth
as shadows descend
down on the sleeping
who's faith falls on the safety and comfort
of their dreams
sleep children of the sun
sleep under the covers for my offspring
shall visit you in the night
pray to your God
that the evermore shall find you with your
eyes closed to the dark
sleep sleep sleep
for the night shall come to claim
you and the breath you breath
shall be taken from your bodies
lest your eyes be closed
and your holy water be at your bedside
and your bibles in your closet
sleep children of the sun sleep.

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Those were the days she said,
long before we were dead,
when life ran through our veins,
when the sun warmed our skin,
before the grave took us in...

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