Softness embraces their bodies.
Gently, oddly, their kiss is stunned.
Deftly, the broken kiss weaves a feeling.
The feeling, unlike the kiss itself,
Is harsh.
The feeling pulls out specific emotions.
Unlike the actual sting of hurt, or violence.
But the brutal bite of everlasting love.
The love doesn’t go without cause.
Needlessly it’s around, drawing and weaving.
It’s sweet.
The scent of their bodies fills the air.
Not in a bad way, no.
But in a way that has them droopy,
Cute and sleepy.
The scent strokes along their minds,
Their hearts.
The bite of love is more than just a bite…
It is the bond we share.
Were I to ask this bite to soothe,
I wouldn’t, couldn’t.
The bite is pleasure between two human bodies.
And I, being one of the bodies, have to realize...
I love you.

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