falling asleep

I dream about being awake.

I’ve been awake for what seems like a day past forever.
Watching my thoughts, spiraling in and out of control.
Deprived. Depressed. Depleted. Distressed. Dazed.
And very confused.
I sit and wonder for hours about wonders.
The line between real and not is slim.
I dream about being awake.
All the while, the clock sneaks by,
As if it is skipping hours when I’m not looking.
My body is exhausted I think,
But my mind is great at deception.
Slumber seems so far out of reach.

Widely Wide Awake


Tick-tock, tick-tock, I stare at the clock,
As insomnia wins one again.
Wide, wide awake, with no zzzz's in sight.
This vicious cycle, just won't end!

Sleeping pills are funny little things,
At least my body must think so.
For every time I swallow them down,
I'm revived, and awake I go!!

Irony is sure, a lot ironic,
What with all the medications that I take.
Most warn that widely-known 'drowsyness' thing,
Yet, here I sit, quite widely awake!!!

My bed is going to start to forget me,
Even though it's made of memory foam.
For spite, it's going to change my contours,
Because I again, left 'my side', all alone.

Why, oh why can't I just be normal,
And get even 39 of those 40 winks???
But no, for me, sleep is just too elusive.
This frickin' awake-ness frickin' stinks!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....I WISH!!!!! lmao!!

Lavender Galaxy

As you lay down to sleep and the distractions of the world envelop you
Your mind must travel the lavender strewn galaxies of the other world
For in this moment of thought, you will truly feel the warm breeze wind
blown scent of the purple cosmic pathway.
Some say if you think of
something hard enough, it will envelop your senses, so when you are
feeling restless and not able to slumber, talk to the spirits of the lavender
strewn galaxies and walk along in the moon lit sky relaxing and enjoying
mother's darkest sweet scented beauty. The Creator's medicine is right
in the hands you are holding this leaf, only the spirits and nature can take
you into the dream time, to fly into the portals of the stars. Imagine this,
and it will be reality. Sleep now and be peaceful...

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hollow trees

Making themselves beds

fairies quickly close their




caita degli abberi

rendersi letti

fate chiudere rapidamenti loro



Suche nache

hohlen baumen

machen sich bettten

feen schnell schlieben ihre




arboles huecos

haciendose cames

las hadas cerrar rapidamento su


(c) copyright heather burns

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hollow trees

making themselves beds

quickly closing their eyes




(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Falling Asleep.

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