can't sleep

I dream about being awake.

I’ve been awake for what seems like a day past forever.
Watching my thoughts, spiraling in and out of control.
Deprived. Depressed. Depleted. Distressed. Dazed.
And very confused.
I sit and wonder for hours about wonders.
The line between real and not is slim.
I dream about being awake.
All the while, the clock sneaks by,
As if it is skipping hours when I’m not looking.
My body is exhausted I think,
But my mind is great at deception.
Slumber seems so far out of reach.



Hard to sleep these days.
Cant shut my eyes and sleep in place
The stress of life conflicting you
Keeping you up interrupting you

The stress of life stares you in face
Taunting you telling you
“Nahh!, you aint winning the race!”
And all you have to hold on is a sliver of grace
Hoping the redeemer can spare you a space

Where you can live free coz you were born free
Love, peace, comfort, family in harmony
NO DRAMA no snitches and bitches
Life’s glitches, conflicting life and 7 year itches

Its hard to sleep these days
Stress of life waking me up in a daze
When I say I am awake
My eyes lookin straight like a zombie’s gaze

You look down at the ground
And start to look around
Hopelessness the only thing that can be found
Thinking to yourself life can be fu&*%n profound

I just really wanna sleep in peace
Wake up fresh, released and relieved
Dreaming of life that has no reprieve
Of the amazing things I deserve to receive

Hard to sleep these days
Maybe tonight I’ll go down on my knees
Ask the almighty One to give me the keys
to the song that will lull me to my peace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Frustrated today. This is my way of getting rid of the negative energy. I hope this makes someone feel better.

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