fading memories

Days of old

Once upon a time my cup was a breast
Oh dear memories like tears from me flow,
Knew not I, stranger days where abreast
Harder times, if only from afar we could know

Though the rain may wash away my tears
My fears get stronger as my young secrets grow,
Though I remember the old like antiques that won’t get sold
My memories get weaker as the seasons grow

Friends have come and gone
Like shadows they all left no permanent mark
What’s left between me and death is unknown
Oh Lord, preserve my poor soul like u did to good old Noah in the ark


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem n so any criticism is alloewd, advice 2

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You and I

There we were you and I
Watching the sun die letting a moon rise,
Looking for a lost star
A star we could cast a wish on
A star we could dream on
But our star would never fall.

Cyberspace was our playground
Our dreams were alive with electric buzz.
We typed through the night sharing our lives with words of pain
Sharing our dreams with words of lust
Always wondering when we would meet and just be us.

For a time we hid behind masks hiding behind nightmares
Knowing it would happen just a matter of when.
Are hearts grew together like mangled vines
But the vines would eventually sting
Light would become a Friend, an ally in the darkness to come
As two hearts would became one.

It happened on a summer night, in august i think it was
When the sun was high and skies were bright
And the town became our OZ.
Fear ran through our veins, love ran through our hearts
As dreams began to come true and darkness began to form
Our lives were transformed underneath a setting sun.

We crossed a bridge and spent a moment not thinking or looking
But feeling out loud,
The town we left became our soul.
Our hands joined as the moon shone through a cloud
in that moment we were both alone
Knowing what we knew,
Knowing what we were

After 6 months we fell apart, after 6 months we broke our hearts
The darkness formed and paranoia won
Sending the light fantastic on the run
This is not the full story as anyone can see
But deep in my heart she will forever be

There we were you and I
waiting for a star to fall
You and me we were meant to be
but now we are apart
looking for our hearts

So if your out there reading this
Somewhere in the dark
Always know your in my mind
Looking for our star

Copyright 2012 John brunton

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My neighbor's dog

Whenever I think about childhood and my life back in my old house, I can only think of one thing. That is my front neighbor’s dog. I can’t remember what his name was. All I remember is that he was a big, strong and loyal German shepherd dog. This dog was special for me and my family, for he was not a common dog. Even thought it wasn’t our dog we always took care of him, even more than his real owner did, and he took care of us too. Sometimes he would be very early on the morning standing outside my house, just waiting for my brothers and I get out. He would then accompany us to the school that was one block away. And in the afternoon he would be outside the school waiting for my father to come and get us. Then he will also accompany us back to our house, making sure we get there safe. What happened only once a week, started to happen more often. Suddenly, it became a habit on this dog to accompany us. My father said that there wasn’t a single day that he would not be outside just staring to our house, waiting for us. It didn’t matter what season of the year it was; it didn’t matter if it was a cold, sunny or even a rainy day. You could always find that dog every morning and afternoon silently lying on the ground, just waiting for us. I remember one day coming back home from school with my brothers and that guardian dog leading the way as always, when out of nowhere a dog came out and started baking and looking at us with his threatening eyes. Suddenly both dogs started fighting with each other, while my brother and I ran back home. That nice gesture from the dog made me and my family appreciated him even more. I didn’t know what happened to him, because my family and I moved to another house many years ago. But a couple of years ago, I learned that he was already dead. Apparently he died from sadness, the owner told to my father. It seems that only when he was gone, the owner began to notice his presence. Even though he’s gone, I will always remember that nameless dog as a good memory of my childhood and my life back at my old house.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here is my first prose poem.

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Do you ever just want to capture a moment?
Save it in time? Lock it away?
Afraid to forget.
The memory, the feeling.
Maybe it’s self defense…
Against what we know is inevitable.
The day it blurs,
And eventually wipes away.
Like a vivid painting left out to dry
Without a rock to hold it down.
It blows effortlessly and drags across the earth.
Until, eventually, all that is left are the remains of something once beautiful.
Fading and irreplaceable.
The feeling of the strokes.
So exact, as your heart guides you.
It cannot be reproduced.
Nor can memories
Because that feeling of joy, exaltation , utter enjoyment…
Also, cannot be imitated, replicated, or reiterated.

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