You and I

There we were you and I
Watching the sun die letting a moon rise,
Looking for a lost star
A star we could cast a wish on
A star we could dream on
But our star would never fall.

Cyberspace was our playground
Our dreams were alive with electric buzz.
We typed through the night sharing our lives with words of pain
Sharing our dreams with words of lust
Always wondering when we would meet and just be us.

For a time we hid behind masks hiding behind nightmares
Knowing it would happen just a matter of when.
Are hearts grew together like mangled vines
But the vines would eventually sting
Light would become a Friend, an ally in the darkness to come
As two hearts would became one.

It happened on a summer night, in august i think it was
When the sun was high and skies were bright
And the town became our OZ.
Fear ran through our veins, love ran through our hearts
As dreams began to come true and darkness began to form
Our lives were transformed underneath a setting sun.

We crossed a bridge and spent a moment not thinking or looking
But feeling out loud,
The town we left became our soul.
Our hands joined as the moon shone through a cloud
in that moment we were both alone
Knowing what we knew,
Knowing what we were

After 6 months we fell apart, after 6 months we broke our hearts
The darkness formed and paranoia won
Sending the light fantastic on the run
This is not the full story as anyone can see
But deep in my heart she will forever be

There we were you and I
waiting for a star to fall
You and me we were meant to be
but now we are apart
looking for our hearts

So if your out there reading this
Somewhere in the dark
Always know your in my mind
Looking for our star

Copyright 2012 John brunton

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