Everything Escapes

Life is but an everlasting fixture of false hope.

I have ceased to exist,my soul but wholly perished.

Nothing gets in, but everything escapes.

My life is a meaningless array of hatred, a bookshelf of wasted lessons and a slag heap of diminished hope.

So I continue to wear this mere mask of bliss, fooling everyone into those fake confines, that mere desire of

happiness, of which are not within the frames of sanity.

So let me go, do not be misguided by right and wrong, after all, who is to say what sets them apart?

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The knife

I haven't had you for a while

But still I feel the pull

The burning of desire

When suddenly you're close

I feel it come over me

With a tidal wave of guilt

The urge to take you

And pull you to my throat

I thought I'd moved on

I thought I'd got past

The need for pain

To let go of the past

But I guess that this habbits

A little harder to break

Than just putting you down

And walking away

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Gentlemen Mechanism

A turning gear in a grand machine

This sad old man in dusted green

He spins a wheel with sad result

An hour since he's punched the clock

And he's grinding teeth and screaming curse

From concrete rhyme and steel-fit verse

He'll work his shift until his hearse

Comes to claim him at his worst

But 'til then he's stone wash clean

Thanks to fevers that claim his dreams

He'll shake the hands and take his check

And quietly drink himself to death

Thoughts submit to the following week

Where he'll submit to the same routine

And back it up with a spot more push

Which will then be overlooked

But he can't bend with hell on reserve

Hoping to retire before the end of the world

Only to be left with some over time

To clean the floors before Monday arrives

It's a sorry joke that was never told well

To make a place of business a person hell

But to the cog that walks on two legs

We salute your persistence, and hope that it pays.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is no such thing as an organic piece of machinery.

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teetering far away in my mind

on a rooftop i left myself

for a while

rolling through my thoughts

rolling in your grass

time goes by

you're just an old stain on my soul

when im sleeping

you're not so faded

the sunset is still above the pond

and you meant nothing to me

just an old stain on my soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

someone i used to know.

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Twisted Branches

i have no friends

i have no love

no chance

to make ammends


i can't change the past


never listened

listen, i said

i said that's old news

yesterdays story

get over it, will you





i have no friends

i have no love


to take on kids

these kids

matter's not they don't last

time's short

never took mine

listen, i say

i said play elsewhere

call the cops, take your ball

get over it, will you


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Old Poems

There's this feeling inside that tells you just to let go

But you cant not after all the things you know

It hurts to think about it all that pain

You had everything to lose and nothing to gain

Most people would love to be me

But they wouln't if they saw what happens behind the screne

All these emotions running through your mind

Praying you could some how leave them all behind

Forget about it and move on

But for some reason we hold on

Now I'm full of regret

But I'm glad I had strenght from the things I didn't forget

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have made some mistakes in my life and this poem describes how i felt about it.

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So cold,

gaze passes through

peircing whats left

of a shattered heart.

ever walking away,

in the distance

i see you

but you are already gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The speaker is not me this time!  LoL  Actually, I am the one in the distance...

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(reworked 3-25-08)

Am I alone in this world?

Perhaps not

But for now

I remain the sole being

Empty of all emotions

Don't you know I long for

Your sickness

You spread it like

A most disgusting disease

But what you have

Is the power to change

Because you, you people

Disgusting creatures

Can feel, when I cannot

I am so numb.

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I care

How can I show that I care

How in this world can I make it clear

When sometimes I feel like you're not even here

Sometimes I do not speak

Sometimes I may be a little to discrete

It's only because I want you to stay

That is why I hide my feelings this way

I only want to apologize

For not letting you in and shutting the blinds

If you really want to leave

Be my guest I wont beg or plea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how im feeling right  now

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