I am more than just a body

I am more than just a face

there is more inside me than you will know

If you'd take the time to learn

you just want to be inside me

and not to see inside

not to see my inner light

you dont see the real me

I know you want to touch me

but not to touch my heart

I am an innocent

You cant infect me with your dirt

and I give up on the thought of you being human

because you only want my body...

and I am so much more

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"Submission to the Court of Unreals"

by Jeph Johnson


unreal's almost uncanny
when the comfort of love grows
and then, in minutes,
is obsolete.
artificial esteem disappears
while mystique vanishes
into a nightmarish emptiness
leaving you
for the real.
coincidences continue
preaching paranoia
while memories masterfully prove,
beyond a shadow,
that you doubt
she was telling
the truth
the whole truth
and nothing but the truth
with her lies

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Goodbye, Marilynne

there you were with a rosery

held tight in your grip

i was a careless gentleman

who needed another sip

you lost your way

on the street of gold

i was there to lend a hand

my heart was warm but my mind was cold

and that you couldn't understand

and so i gave you a piece of mind

when i couldnt give you love

i was always looking over my back

you kept your eyes up above

Innocense lost in a drunken rage

with ol' jack holding to my hand

i could be your voice of truth

but i could never be your man

so i left this dusty road

with a few to get me by

i never saw your face and i refused to watch

you finally break down and cry

girl understand, im not the one

you've been waiting for so long

i'll never open your doors and close your blinds

so its time that i moved on

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My Reflection.

closet boxes 2001

The walls imprison me

white, bare

the door is there

but can not be opened,

I fear whats outside too much.

It chills my spine

to my very soul.

I look to my mirror.

My reflection stares at me,

smiling, sneering

daring me to reach for the doorknob

to open it.

Saying that I don't exist

I am the reflection,

she the person.

I can not fear

what I can't feel.

My mirror image becomes distorted,


cold, mean.

My greatest fear,her greatest fear,

who's was it.I can't remember.

The person buried deep beneath,

in the basement of our soul,

the evil within us all.

I am afraid...

but I can not fear.

I must exist,

for I love, a reflection can't love,

can't feel.

I am me.

The door opens,

I smile,

the walls, my prison

have set me free.

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Emotional Roller Coaster

It's never going to stop

It'll keep coming back

Up and down

This emotional roller coaster

Ride will roll

Until one day the bar will unlatch

And throw me from the car.

Everyone will be screaming

But they won't notice

Because they're having too much fun

Smiling their worries away

With just a blast of speed

Flying past their bodies.

©2000 All rights reserved.

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Pleasure in Vain....11-11-97


The monkey on my shoulders becomes insane
As the serpent between my limbs feels pleasure in vain.
Are you so blind that you can't see?
Your stone-cold emptiness frustrates me.
For I, no emotions you feel
So how could this pleasure actually be real?
Sometimes it may seem as if you care.
This only alerts my heart to beware.
For this is a cold hard life of fact.
Could this possibly be real or just another act?
Or me having a reality attack.
You feel as if your reptilian but can't you see?
This abyss of emptiness castrates me.
The insanity of my monkey grows.
Insane from the pain of your iron rain
The serpents' shame it knows,
But cold blooded, the serpent for emotions cares not.
So only his evil grin he shows.
But sadly as I bear this sin,
I know I will only let it happen again and again.
And what is worse, so do you.


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This I wrote a long time ago over an ex....

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Im tired


Sometimes I feel like singing in the rain.
Sometimes I feel like killing in vain.
Everyday I put up with myself, freaking out in my own hell
Don't have words to sustain how the rain drip drips on the window pane. And how it just drives me insane.
Oh I know the Kaos oh to well.
Went to school with a nice aptitude,
Graduated with a PHD in drugs and a bad attitude.
Maybe I'll just tapdance for a living.
Maybe I'll dance as if Fred Astair was still breathing.
Damn!I forgot I can't dance
There ruins my plans to be a big star and get into pornstar pants.
Maybe I'll be a rock star....I can't play...
Ok I'll probably be a writer, forgot no one understands my stuff so they won't take a second glance.
I'll just be me, I'm stuck, and I can't hear what HE has to say.


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Critisize me harshly I deserve it, i'm bad spank me!

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