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I often think I am acting
based on my intellect than emotions
Life is a journey, a rollercoaster ride
There is obstacles,ups and downs.

Life is filled with choices and colours
If you pick the right choice you may succeed
But many times our emotion will take over
we do not listen to our intellect.

Many times we are faced to take our own decisions
But the main thing is it is your life
You make the choices in your life
It can be good or bad ,right or wrong.

Stay with whatever decision you took in your life
and be with the same decision and adapt to it
By doing the best you can rather than blaming
Accept own responsibility and work hard to achieve it.

You are the master and you know what is best for you
Always listen to your inner voice and it will help to choose.

 Adikaran 08/03/14

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Tough Decision

Like a ghost a tough decision,

 Has appeared right before me today,

Yet unlike Hamlet,

I will not succumb to delay!


At times the resolutions are easy,

Like uncovering the veil of the bride,

During the wedding night,

At times the decisions leave us dissatisfied.


Yet I need to decide hastily and rightly,


As did the great Napoleon during each rivalry.

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Two Masters



Two Masters

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The lower the rank
the more the officers
care about their men
than a warmongering mission.
Choosing soldier lives over
criminally stupid and
dangerous orders is
for real officers
a soulsaving decision.
This theme is explored
magnificently in the book
In The Name Of Honor by
Richard North Patterson as
he outlines the criminal
disregard of life by generals
in Iraq. Among many other
events he details soldiers
warned about an ambush
still being ordered by a career
oriented superior to
go to protect a Sunni police
station full of freedom fighters
who oppose the invasion...
every rooftop has Shiite

machine gun holding snipers..
many teen boys have
explosive devices in soda
cans... narrow alleys
are easily roadblocked.


(Footnote: It is not the

superrich who for their

fellow war profiteers send their

sons into harm's way)

-saiom shriver-

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Do or do not, or not

What's the worst that can happen

What's the benefit

What's the point

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Pain of Glass


Looking through this glass window brings much pain
Distress and loneliness pull on the heart
Sunny days instantly turn into rain
Causing thoughts to silently fall apart
No release from this torment is in site
Daily dedication brings forced smiles
Forward progression just does not seem right
Mentally unstable for these trials
Darkness and gloom will not be forever
Desperation is all but in the mind
Trying to work through daily endeavors
Constantly combing through feelings I find
This seems to be the hardest question asked
Why undying love never seems to last

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My Name is...


You come to me

when sky is grim

we talk for hours

nothing but him


Empty boulevard

streetlights lit

I’ll brace your fall

indeed I did


When time for me

you were there

without complaint

cleared the air


flash forward a bit

I miss those lips

I know it’s wrong

but I value the trip


Wish it were different

and yet I know

never the same

out of my control


Nostalgia never lies

but tonight

I will sing her a lullaby.

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Capture and Release

Away into the night,
still eyes darken my realm.
The moon shakes its mind,
creating havoc amongst the waves.
This straightjacket of love,
is nevermore than imagination;
it's alive!
A capture and release,
at every thought of time.
I choose to make you ill,
as just enough to purge me out.
Slipping back into my box of strings,
to play the music within my soul.

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