Through all the forgotten castles of my mind,stands

This one,

I readily go there,all the time,halls and more halls

Of cold emptiness there and pain.Its my domain.

I don't need to build another one,is already here, always

Being there in my head,

So old,starting to fall apart now, like a dark angel at

One time,

Through the ravishes of unforgiven times, now is decaying

Starting from inside, I feel the coldness cutting deep.

It's alive.

There are drafts freezing cold, coming from everywhere,

I taste them, I feel them in my bones, on my naked flesh

But I can't touch them, I can't see them,

Or cover them with any plaster or my single wish,

But they're there, alright, cold, like angry claws

scratching and squeezing my very soul and breath.



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Melvin Lee's picture

Smilesz. now that i read this again, it reminds me of my poem Old Ghosts..hehe. Not sure if u had read it yet, dorian...but if u havent, and would like to, pls do. Quite related to this nightmarish poem of yours. ;)

Miranda Rae's picture

Dorian, Very descriptive poem of a very spooky, dark place! Reminded me of my Poncho Men; they're the scary monsters I dream about when I feel scared, vulnerable, or threatened. Your nightmare castle sounds like a place they would like very much and would probably live in. Thanks for sharing this one.

Melvin  Lee's picture

NIce title...suits the theme very well. i read somewhere..that the landscapes of our dreams (or..dreamscapes).are conjured by what we perceive of our lives...darkness for sad things in our lives...and bright sunshine for cheerful stuff. i get to see my castle too ...sometimes.And yeah, it's pretty spooky too...but it got a lawn or something. Thanxs for sharing, Dorian.

Edwin Robinette's picture

I really love it! Very descriptive as is interesting! A really cool idea here!