Dark poetry

Myth of the Mantis

Praying mantis smiles at me 
when she crushes open 
Wings of time, and neon rainbows 
open skies, it is for Life, She cries 

Murmering "murder" singing dark 
mantras of Love , woven around 
Her deep undying heart 

Luscious tones awaken 
Her serpentine tongue slithering 
From bone, to bone, sliding 
across  the spinal chord 

I am Her prey

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Questionnaire of Blankness

Questionnaire of blankness

Before entering this world we transform our soul

The gramophone plays songs

of mutilated destination

midwife of Death hatched her eggs

Breeding a dark Questionairy of blankness

Lament to Humanity where art thou?

Does the corset suit you?

Can it show the shape of Love?

Do you read your own obituaries

remembering the scent you bore?

Have you ever been a child?

Remember the Sun

bears stigma of starlight

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Book of skin

This wallpaper is dying 
never having seen the sun 
light crucifies all dark 

This life has stained my ears 
stolen my sight from seeing 
I am a house without a heart 

Beyond all sins 
Dark red rivers I swim 
for sanity is knocking at my door 

From these pores, I seek 
A truth that now has spoken 
Etched in the gallop of stolen time 

In the garden of discontent 
The lilies have withered 
stigma of scent 

Falls upon me 
You are a book of skin 
You are a book of history 

Sometimes I thought I could read you 
When I skipped a page etched too deeply 
In the echo of your memory 

I spoke , once too often 
I spoke, once too late 

I am a book of skin 
I am a book of history 
Now read me not 
No more... 

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"Clouds Soar Electric"

Clouds soar electric as light strikes a silent earth,

Raindrops falling with gravitational command.

Through tear stained windows, the meadows prepare a second birth,

The storm's overbearing continuing to expand.


Trillions by trillions the drops become oceans,

Replacing with stillness where there was once commotion.

The drowning prairies stare at a gray-scaled horizon,

Looking through the dismal at the god Poseidon.


An insideous world's screams are muffled as water becomes a liquid skyscraper.

Muting the powerful roar of the vox populi.

A skyline of lies is shredded like moistened sandpaper,

A horizon of guilt becomes antalkali.


Blood becomes scab, scab becomes scar,

Ruins whispering stories of infinite war.

Rains fall with sorrow as the cities disappear,

Ridding the world of sadness and incalculable fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the drowning of a world of war and treachery. Kind of resembles the biblical story of the Great Flood; a new beginning.

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Ball and Chain: An Obsession

Ball And Chain: An Obsession

Sitting here
starring at the screen,
while words, pretending to be poetry
try to take flight,
and I am dying for another drink.
Janis trips in the background
and all I can think of
is how will I make it through the night?


Yes, it’s a ‘ball and chain’ -
life, with its bitter realities of addiction,
of needing your whiskey coated,
blood crusted kiss
and the rotting feel of your cold, rigid skin.
You smile, inviting me into your oblivion,
your cheap love and unhappiness,
into the sucking hole
between your legs.
It pulls the life from me,
my blood and corruption
flows freely into your womb.


Oh baby, you know how to fuck me,
wrapping your thighs around my neck,
emptying me of all feeling,
all hope.
Yet, I am obsessed with you, my love.
How could it be otherwise?
You’ve seen to that,
blowing the smoke from
your opium laced cigs
into my lungs,
addicting me to your lust
and your moonlit corruption.


Oh baby, take my life
it means nothing to me.
Oh baby, here I am, see,
laying in the garbage spewed gutter
awaiting for you to ease my obsession,
to fuck me like tomorrow will never come.
And yes baby, hating every second,
hating this addiction,
hating you,
hating these arms, held wide
in anticipation of your cold,
blood crusted lips.
Greedily, I am awaiting your
deadly kiss.

~~redzone 12.21.08

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All Hail Walpurgis

All Hail Walpurgis

Gibbous moon conceals its face
behind a ragged cloud
distant thunder echos through the vale

chanted words warp time and space
beyond what is allowed
and sacrificial blood flows without fail

gnarled hands clutch an ancient book
bound in human skin
written by a sorcerer long dead

and ageless eyes reveal a look
more horrible than sin
as the altar stone is bathed in red

chanting done and spell complete
the witch then steals away
swallowed by the all-concealing night

and what was conjured so discrete
proceeds without delay
to feast upon the leavings with delight

C. Lon R. Bruso

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“ * Kiss my eyes and lay me * to sleep, with three strikes * “

I realize I must say F!n, cause my life line is very thin
Although I must hint to what I’ve learned
Things aren’t that fair, but bare it and grin
Things that you love, they can be burned

I’ll say L!fe, it’s a bitch and nothing’s free
Nothing’s fair, not for you or me
But just hold your breath and count
1, 2, 3, but yet nothing can amount

The pain, the sadness, and the darkness
The loss of something very special
To lose your very soul, and become less
Hold on and to ‘Fight’, is very crucial

Let go of the fear of death
Let it go, like a long held breath
People chose to be guided by it
I say don’t listen to that shit!

Don’t pray or even get down on your knees
Don’t believe or even say “Please!”
Make your own spark, your own flame
And when you do, nothing will be the same

I had a good time while I was blind
You must have used my body, my mind
If it’s all a lie, why did you say “Good Bye”?
I’m about to!-oh me…oh my

Forgive me, to those I love
Maybe I’ll find a new dove
But it’s too late, the damage is done
But also know there will be only one

So forgive me everyone, for I’m about to sin
Because of you…I must say-F!n

“No one will EVER be like me, but I’m sure there’s an angel out there”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is possibly my last poem for maybe a long while. enjoy.

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