September Days

An autumn chill seasons the still atmosphere,
Leaving its harvest spice settled on golden leaves.
Distant aromas linger of freshly bound books,
following the watering temptations of a delicatessen.
A man's jacket wore him like an owner,
suited to complete his eclectic persona.
Blondie brownies showcased indulging taste,
all the while oatmeal cookies kept warm on a plate.
An unending sea washed us ashore,
from a school of fish to lost nomads on dry land.
His world displayed the unending literary arts,
as that too was my cosmic identity.
The twine of captured words awoke,
while gathered books slept on wooden shelves.
A dreadful call was cue for the closing hour,
yet my stubborn hourglass stood fixed at half full.
Its colored sands sifted at a graceful pace,
as if a sign for the god's reinvention.
Time's infinity of scheduled events,
catered to the fulfillment before expiring.
Polished eyes soon morphed into the twilight's solstice,
luring an invite to drown in September's last days.

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