Son Of God

He's the Son of God and he was the greatest man who ever lived.

He's compassionate and he has always been willing to forgive.
He's the Son of God and his blood was collected in the Holy Grail.

Jesus died for Mankind's sins, he died so that we won't go to Hell.

He's the Son of God and his death brought a lot of tears.

They nailed him to the cross and impaled him with a spear.

He's the Son of God and in certain Bibles, his words appear in red.

He was in agony as he was crucified and then sadly, he was dead.

He's the Son of God and he rose from his tomb after he died.

They couldn't end Christ's existence even though they tried.

He's the Son of God and he could resurrect the dead and make the blind see.

Because he's so wonderful, he means a lot to you and he means a lot to me.

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Intimacy (In This Moment)

To My Wife

Lost in this moment

The warmth of our bodies make us sweat

The stiffness from what we have just accomplished

You and I,

A miracle

Your breath invites me in

Into your heart

Into your mind

Into your very soul

As our bodies mesh into one

As our souls embrace each other

You sigh as I touch you

Ectasy as we unite

Swirlling vortex of pleasure

Both of us lose sight

As life is created within you

As death is passed on through me

A miracle is created

A mirror of that moment

When we came together as one


I saw this black
and white
photograph once
of a Deep South lynching


of two African Americans
(or black guys
as they were termed then)
hanging from a tree


by their necks
eyes closed
(as if they dozed)
dressed in rag clothes


one with his head
to one side
hands untied
a crowd looking on


one white guy pointing
the rest looking
with acute interest
what the two guys did


or why
they were lynched
I had no idea
or why the need


to photograph
a sense of justice?
or threat?
or for a laugh?


I had no clue
but looking at them
hanging there
surrounded by a crowd


I thought
of the Crucified
the Christ
and wondered


if He'd been hanged
by the neck
from some gallows
instead of being


nailed to a cross
and His followers
wore small gallows
instead of a cross


it was alter
His sacrifice
or lessen
the sense of loss?


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See my bridegroom comes,
said Sister Clare, He comes
swift as birds of Spring, His
voice echoes within, His


touch wakes me from deep
slumber, unfetters me from
my sad sins; His eyes watch
me, they run over me like


flowing water, look into my
soul like dawn's light; He is
my keeper, my protector, His
hand caresses me in my deepest


darkness, His fingers raise
my chin, lift my head, His
fingers touch my heart, wake
me from my selfness, my


obsession with my me; He
comes into my heart, He is
the kisser of life, the waker
of sleepers in the grave; I


wait for Him in the night
when the darkness embraces,
seek His company when
demons touch and fondle;


He is my bridegroom, my
love, I seek Him out like
one for water as I thirst,
I listen for his footsteps in


the break of dawn, I kiss
Him as one kisses one's
deepest love, I am only
happy when He is near,


when His voice awakes
me. He is my safe ship
out in the dark deep sea.


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Casting Shadows

(Heavy Guitar intro through two measures, then fade to soft with drums and bass soft)


I'm right here Lord where you found me, bent down as I prepare my light.

I'm looking around, but there's something wrong with my eyes.

So many people around me falling to the ground.

Sometimes I feel like they only see shadows when I'm around...


I stand up still holding my light. They don't even seem to notice.

Being still, just staring into the light. I can't see what's behind.

Then I turn around, and they are all staring at me...

because I'm the one that's turned blind!!!


(Everything heavy to start the chorus)


I don't want to spend my life casting shadows around me!

Please God show me once again how to see!

I'm casting these shadows to all I love,

and all that can save me is heaven up above!!!


(Heavy guitar solo which turns into a dual guitars solo)


I'm spending my life casting shadows all around me!

Please God show me once again how I can see!

I'm casting these shadows to everyone I love,

and all that can save me is the Lord God above!!!


Casting shadows isn't how I should be!

It's becoming clear again I see!

Stop casting shadows now to everyone you love,


(guitar softens)


...because you never know when they'll be called by God above...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine sent me a message on facebook asking if I could collaborate with him on some lyrics because he had read some of my stuff. I have had writer's block for a good whikle now, and I think this just conquered it! PRAISE GOD!!! All of the credit goes to the Lord above!

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Scandal of grace


Love is in the air
And infinite as the universe
Caught in waves, I immerse
For you are everywhere 
Without you tis despair
Every line every verse
With loneliness the curse
Each word composed with tender, love, and care
For you are with us always
Through lust, love, and earthly sin
I draw strength from you deep within
Without you my life is a wreck
You grab my hand and pull me on deck
The scandal of grace, a light within
Author's Notes/Comments: 

For we are saved by the scandal of his grace.

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to you, my teacher, my healing spirit guide,

in my carreer, my sorrows, trials and tribulations,

transformed into joy and peace,

thank you for this morning,

thank you for the signs, 

and the light that shines ever so brightly

within me from your own journey,

this connection so overwhelmingly special,

you know me, and of my path,


and i know i'm doing it right now. 


greatest healer of all time,

thank you.



5:59 PM 7/12/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem to a friend.

King Over Death

Light and Dark

Colder growing

Skin is showing

Looks like snowing

Plot bewoeing

Life, I’m owing

Death bestowing

Mercy is glowing

Passing I’m knowing


But as death lays his cold hands on me

A stranger comes, who can it be

Is it Him I truly see?

Finally, see Him who died for me?


He comes like a groom

For who wears His ring

Death, where is thy vict’ry?

Now where is thy sting?

This is not an unusual thing

For everywhere, Christ Jesus is King!

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Loving My BFF

Loving My BFF

There are many people I love, and many that I like
But my BFF is my number one love of my life because he
Wakes me every morning
Sit beside me on each flight
Shakes my shoulder when I’m lost in my thoughts
Put me on the right path when I am on the wrong
Has been patience with me each and every day of my life
Has been my best friend through my good and bad times
Has comfort me during the worst times of my life
Has watch over me many times when death was at my door
Works on my soul each and everyday
Therefore, all that matter is that my best friend forever is Christ
So do not be upset that your name is not here because if he was not my BFF you could not be a part of my life
For he is why I am grounded and can allow you in my life, he has showed me how to love, listen, and to be a good person to all
There has been many times my soul has been very tired, but only my BFF has been the one to re-energize me and keep me going
Therefore, if you have not place Christ as your top BFF it maybe time that you do
He is the only person that will allow you to have free clear thoughts, and a heart full of pure love
I’m loving him so much this morning as I look back on my life I know without my BFF I would not be the person I am today
Loving you always

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