Cheating heartbreak heartbroke sad cry in love hurt


things are going to start breaking
sit around and watch the ground shaking
torn at the seams
waiting, is no way to redeam
ripping, burning, bleeding
watching a movie on replay
this scene is all too familiar
feel you slipping from my reach
just another story left to teach

Within the Bounders of Love

Free Flow

Stop saying you love me
And leaving me in the same breathe
Love is unconditional
Supposed to be filled with happiness
With cloudy minds together
We can form a clear understanding
Of what love is
How to make it last
How to learn to co-exist
Within the bounders of love

When you look at me
What do you see
You say my smile
Can light up any room
That my heart is pure
Because I serve a forgiving God
I come from a line of strong black women
You love my ambitious ways
Because they bring out the best in you

Yet you push passed me in a crowded room
Never looked at me twice
Introduced yourself to me,
By saying,
What up Bitch
Now tell me
Do you really think you love me
Just because your caught up
Within the bounders of love

The hourglass has run out
Sand dust has filled the room
The fog of your essences
Has blinded you mere presences
The sound of your laughter
Echoes through the trees
As I lay here
Restless in the grass
Making love to you

Blinded by the compulsions of lust
The way you caress my ass
Does you any justices
You see,
I can still hear those words
Whatz up Bitch
As you grind in me deeper and deeper
The reality of this shit is simple
It's not love your seeking
And never was

To Love me is to respect me
But you can seeking the Bitch in me
So now that you have met her
Please be advised
Im not up for your Shit
When we are done here
Just grab your clothes
And hit the door
There is no need to cuddle
Lay in bed and converse
Cause that shit leads me to thinking
You wanna go deeper
And we both know thats a lie
Damn I just saw you with your girl
Just the other night

So many people confuse
Love with Lust
But im not condfused one bit
I know just what you want
By the way you approached me
By the way you undressed me
By the way you tongue fucked me
With my clothes on

It's not a love thing
Strictly Lust
Yes i know i'm better in bed
Than she will ever be
But the same way i had to learn
To discover the freak in me
She deserves the same
If you're not willing to teach her
How can you say you truly lover her
Just the same
Within the bounders of love

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

Torn </3

I thought our love would last forever,
Thats where I was wrong.
Now it's more like us for-never,
I could go on and on.

About all the things I thought I loved,
Your loving embrace,
The way you held my hand.
I thought you couldn't love me more.

I was your closest friend.
It seemed like nothing could tear us apart,
But then something engulfed our love,
And I decided that I should stay away.

Because I broke your heart,
And we were torn apart.
It was sort of sad to see you go,
Because I still seemed to love you.

At first i thought I'd made a mistake,
But it was the right thing to do.
You gave me your heart and you gave me a choice to keep it safe or tear it apart.
I thought I was being careful.

I didn't mean to break it.
I had to act like I was happy again,
I hated having to fake it.

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