Undescribable Pleasure

Old Poems

It seems to be the only thing imaginable.

Longing to be held,




Hold me so tight

that fingerprints become

embedded in the skin.

That scent

still on my clothes

long after departure.

The body aching for touch

anticipating every move.

Hands move across the body

so gently,

so passionately.

A delicate kiss

soothes the most savage beast.

The hunger is

too great for words.

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The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.--Buddha

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i don't know exactly what it is about this poem, but I really like it. You were right when you critiqued my work, we do right somewhat similar. The main difference is that I'm stuck in rhymes and I can't master free verse like you can. I enjoyed reading all your poems, but this one was one of my faves.