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Glendale, Arizona

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(First off, I came up with my username when I was like 12. So cut me some slack.)

I have a weak spot for Christmas, puppies, and decorating. (Yeah, I'm totally straight, btw. Funny, no?)
Anytime there's an intimate father-son moment in a movie, I'll cry. Hard. For 20 minutes.
For whatever reason, I'm terrified of Dr. Seuss characters.
And every now and then, I sleep with the night light on...

About My Navel

Funny thing about navels. If you stick your finger in there, and then sniff your finger, it most likely smells terrible. Sweat builds up and it's a very underwashed part of your body. True story!

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''No man or woman are worth your tears, and if they are, they shouldn't make you cry.''


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