Look Inside


Mirror jades the face
Everything shows but the truth
Vanity Smiles

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Smiling generations.

His smile stern,
barely seen,
so much pain,
so much love,
a world he’s felt,
so horrid,
so beautiful.

So innocent her smile stretches oceans,
bursting with joy,
so ignorant of evil,
so easy to love,
she makes you tear,
for your last love and hope.

She’s more skeptical,
it hurts,
she starts seeing the clues,
the little things,
the horror,
the trickery,
the human.

He could run circles around you,
he can jump up and down for hours,
with no rest,
he might fight you,
but in the end he’s going to hug you,
unconditionally love you.

Her smile subtle,
only he smiles less,
she’s seen,
she’s felt,
but she hopes,
she prays,
she believes,
she is.

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