*Too Over Protected*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


You can't protect me from everything

You can't lock all the doors

Can't keep me from doing my own thing

Because soon enough my anger

Will soon hit the floor


If I choose to do something

You can't keep kicking me out

Because you don't like what I do or hang with

Or because its not on what you want

Just to let you know keep it up

And my soul will ghostly haunt


Can't you see I can't breathe

With you holding me down

Or trying to force my way

"This is what's good for you"

Listen it's not me 


Everyday you never see I always hide my frown

And I put on an act with a smile 

So happy all joy

But understand it can only last for awhile

Sooner or later I'll break

And that is then my soul God shall take


Can't you for one minute look

And see that this pain runs deep

And that cry you hear at night 

It's me 

Letting my tears free

Because sometimes the pain hurts so bad 

I can't sleep you even make mad

These emotions won't set me free

I remain trapped too over protected


You are driving me up the wall

Why do you care when for me someone calls

It's none of your concern

Why can't I go out and explore

Just to go out and find what I can learn

My freedom I want more


Stop trying to lock me in this hell hole

Let me make my own path

Before I get too old

Let me decide my future all my own

Let me be me 

Before I'm too grown

Too over protected

Set the thought free



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