*Violence To Ones Own*



 Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Waiting for him, sitting in the car
Under the erie moonlight
Imagening what he'll do 
Seing him in the distance, seeing him in the night
His mind shouting "I'm going to get you!"

He sees himself going after the man
He sees himself dragging him, dragging, dragging
Tying the man up
Everything is so dim
Under the erie moonlight


Torching him almost like he did her
His little baby girl, his little sweet girl
Remembering the scars he left behind
Making sure he'll never see another star


Under the erie moonlight
He opens the door
Seeing him more clear in the night 
Wanting to murder him more


Coming around the corner
The daughter spots the father
But she goes into the store to see the owner
He had suddenly spot her


The daughter yells "Dad"
"SHHH!" the father says
Knowing they been had
Knowing that they are goig to be dead
Finding out the guys name is Thad


The guy hears the calls
Looks in the fathers gaze
The gun goes off...BANG! the daughter falls
Now the daughter is in a daze


The father goes after the guy
Inside he is mad
The father shouts "You're going to die!"
The guy gets away the father is sad


As the father holds his little girl
He tells her "I'm sorry and I love you."
And then she was gone


Now the father starts to cry
Sitting alone with his daughter
He gazes up at the erie moonlight
So round
So bright



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