*Thinking Back In The Past*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Ever since I could remember
I've had a broken heart for so long
And always been alone the last day in December
The depression each time gets real strong

No matter how hard I try
Be it a sad love song
Or a heartbreaking good-bye
I never seem to belong

I try to believe it's not true
But I start thinking back in the past 
Deep down I always knew
My relationships would never last 


I ask myself again and again
What can I do to make things right 
Why must guys feelings be for pretend
These tears every time I try to fight 
Every bedtime when I try to sleep to my self i cry
Its the same every night
With all this pain I wish to try not to die


To go up to God in heaven above
But when I get to the door of heavens gate
God sends me back down with love
And teaches me not to hate


Thinking back into the past 
Dont bother keep it there lay it to rest
Dont fall into the devils spell he tries to cast
Just choose the right path because life is just a test
God is testing you to see if you pass



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women Are In Love

Men want to get to know you better before making a committment, which usually ends in their leaving or her leaving or in both agreeing that going is a good thing. Don't cry. Save it for later - the crying never stops.  ~Lady A~