I'm Done Trying

I wouldn't cook, you couldn't cook, But i did so much

Not a perfect little wifey to a less perfect Man..


Please, Miss me with the guilt trip.

I did everything til i couldn't do anymore. 

Once you got comfortable your heart walked out the door.

I cheated, admitted it, no questions asked

you could've left then...probably should've left then

but you made the choice to stay.

You said you were all in but you let time waste away.

You wanted a wife without the title, A mother without the teet.

Still yet you weren't ready to sweep a woman off of her feet.


Anger consumed you and your negativity consumed me

I set you free, but couldn't be free.

No not until you found someone to replace me.

The ball and change disappeared as soon as she appeared.

My mind now convinced i left a good thing.

Obsessed, why her?

why not me?

packed your negativity and threw it away, L.et her tell you we couldn't be friends.

for some strange reason i couldn't let you go.

got you back and just like that your negativity returned

Reminding  me of my lesson learned. 

I had to call it quits again.

I was here but you were there mentally so there was no physical relationship between us.

between fus after fus after bloody throat yelling.

I quit. Again. For the second time.

Your actions showed me.. you didn't want me because after i quit you did WHAT AND WHO you wanted.

so i move on but i remain stuck.

Tried dating had no luck.

You asked me til i asked you.

Our solo selves then became two...



This time it was going to work.

I got you here got you to work.

Got us together

 but this time we would keep our minds together so our bodies wouldn't stray.

Your negativity began to show day after day.

The dumb things i did before annoyed you after.

Rolled eyes and shaken heads replaced your laughter.

I'm a joke now but not a funny one.

No longer together but co existing.

I was seeing what i was missing but i wanted that with you.

you frown.

Always a damn frown, yell, or cold shoulder.

No more i said, and no more i say. 

Standing my ground  made a vow to stay.

Sex came around, thought you came around.

But nope, the physical was still inferior to your mental.

"i'm trying to like you" truer words never spoken.

Trying to reinforece a bond thats been broken.



Posted a private status as a last resort

still the cold shoulder

but a bonus "unfriend" to go with it

Everytime i say what i want you dismiss it.

Damn I can't even care anymore.

it hurts me to care anymore.

You got what you need so fuck what i want.

i'm Lonely as hell yet you're right there.



You're mad, well dammit I'M MAD

But just go ahead, blankly stare at the computer screen acting as if you don't hear me.

Don't even come near me.

But before you get what you want , you will have to aknowledge me.

Won't ask for an apology.

but you will ask for whatever you need from me because from now on...

I'm done trying