Alejandra: Morning Dews

For my inspiring wife: Alejandra or Morning Dews!   

For her, who in April 2010, successfully fought

so bravely hard to stay on the realm of life in

heaven's amazing grace ...  


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Simply Beautiful!

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Dearest Ugonna

What a wonderful and intense tribute to the lovely Alejandra! As always, you took your time letting your passion unfold. Slowly, as if inhaling and exhaling, your words flow down the page, a rejuvenating river of love. I simply adore your passion for nature and the simple, yet profoundly beautiful way in which you described your soulmate and her heart.

An amazing Muse, indeed. :)

May God bless you and keep you both.



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Alejandra! This was a beautiful poem I thank you for giving me the chance to read it


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Ugonna, this poem is truly lovely, and speaks so adorably about your love and soulmate, Alejandra. I am glad that the joys of loving somebody have found you and I wish she will stay forever. Your every word is a jewel, my friend. God bless and my warmest regards..


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Hello Ugonna,

Once again you have written a lovely tribute to the land and punctuated it with emotion and respect. I especially enjoyed the relationship of you and your soulmate with the 'morning dews.' This is a lovely poem, Ugonna, and it brought me pleasure to read it! Thank you!


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Beautiful! Your words touch my heart and my soul!

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That was a lovely poem...Alejandra should be smiling after reading your wonderful words....

Alejandra's picture

My Sweet Love!

This is just breath-taking!! This is just me
and you. This is our homeland, our heart, our
love, our souls. It's so beautiful that it's
now hard to make a difference between us!

I think we are one, pure, true LOVE!!
Thanks for taking me there with you.
Te amo!


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I read this beautiful love poem and it just took my breath away with each verse.. you are so amazing.. I love how you express each line with such detail of your love...
I could feel myself sinking into each path you took me on..
One of the most beautiful love poems I have read in a while...
Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with me...
Peace and Love..

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such a nice and lovely poem, I enjoyed this one.

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Dear Ugonna,
It was a pleasant surprise this morning to hear of your beautiful Alejandra. More wonderful to read your portrayal of mutual love and endearments.
You are one in a million.
Always your Flower,

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I was so pleased to read your beautiful talented expression of love. Its the kind of poem that takes you by the heart and flys you to the high that can only be decribed as heaven! As if gravity holds no matter. Thank you so much for sharing.


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Lovely images here of sheer beauty

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HI & HELLO~ as usual your poems are so good i feel way beneath you,its beautiful L&PEACE I hope to write more this year,last year was filled with family & friends deaths,i miss them so happy holidays bro TIM M

Cherry's picture

Sweet and soul enriching, a kiss for the heart!

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Dear Ugonna,

Thank you so much for leading me to yet another of your beautiful works of art. It was a real pleasure to find my name included in those you asked to read this love poem.

This is something that after reading, I can close my eyes and still see the beauty of the day and feel the love that was your inspiration.

As always, I leave you very humbly, and wish that my talent was as great as yours.

Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

EVE SMITH's picture

My Dear Dear Friend...You have captured so much beauty and peace here. I felt like you were taking me to heaven within your words. The imagery is great.

Thank you for sharing it and I hope you will come to my halls and read and comment on any or all.

Your Friend
Angel Eve

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Dear Ugonna

Thank you for directing me to this exquisite poem!! How tenderly you portray the beautiful influence and character of Alejandra!! Your descriptive passages are reminiscent of the Song of Songs from The Old Testament. Poetry is meant to elevate the spirit, to sing of Life's beauty, grace and joy. You have done this task with power and music. This flows like a long and refreshing river, replenishing the thirsty soul with clear and cool water. Your understanding of love, unity and devotion are remarkable and inspirational!

God Bless You
this is a joy to read,
its splendor and its passion

Gwendrina/Wendy Howe

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These images of love and passion, soared through my body, bringing peace and excitement. May joys of love be granted to you for many years. Thank you.
Love, peace and freedom, Linda

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This is obviously a testament to true love. It is lengthy which shows that there are not enough words to express the love that is felt.
There are expressions & thoughts covering all aspects of this person's character & personality.
Words of praise, phrases of joyful thoughts & descriptions of the pleasurable things in the world, colors, nature, etc, all contribute to the emotions & auras of love around this person.

Beautifully done.

Amy Riberdy

Gentle is the night♥