You and Me

My Boo

You and me.
Me and You.
Those three words
make me happy.

I know that
you love others,
but that doesn't
take away from
the fact that
I love you!

I would wait
forever and ever
for you, dear.
I won't do
anything that might
hurt you, hon,
no matter what!
If I did,
I would not
be able to
forgive myself, ever!

You and me,
three normal words
that, when they
are put together
they make up
one beautiful meaning!

Those three words
put all together
simply mean, Us!

If I have
to wait awhile
for you to
feel the same
way about me,
then I will
wait as long
as I must!

Because, my dear,
I love you
and you mean
the whole world
and then some
more, to me!

Someday I hope
that it will
be me and you,
you and me,
together in person!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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poetvg's picture

hi whats up

great poem i know
the person u wrote
this piece about is
so very proud of you
it is just so beautifull
u have talent gald u
shared this one keep writing in the future .

thisisme789's picture

thanks girl!

thanks girl!