It Would Take (More Than) A Miracle


Miracle, I look for you thrice more
Bring the shadow of what we once were
We've been given two chances
One for me, a second for you.
Reason restrains the hope of another


The heart in me begs a whisper with you
"We shine so bright my love"
"My dearest, we'll go so far, I know"

Enchanting in retrospect, I'd hate to taint that
Forced logic and tattered pride deny my desire


Evermore ache for your true love touch

Yet no matter how hard I want

I know deep down, I can never have

Still, you are my north star
So beautifully out of reach


- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!


Author's Notes/Comments: 
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allets's picture

North Star beautifuly out of reach" - that's a nice line of poetry - enjoyed it ~Allets~



TheCure242's picture


It's all I can ask for to have at least one decent line thrown in there. Haha

PS your comment was on my favorite number, good timing. ;)