Am I as stupid as I believe I am?

Am I as stupid as I believe I am?

By jfarrell


Between my inability to become jimi hendrix in 6 weeks,

And my inability to work out how therapy or meditation

Helps me cure or manage my chronic depression;

I’ve been convinced I’m really stupid.


Cognitive behavioural therapy; lotsa therapies, all with initials;

Mindfulness meditation;

“C’mon! We teach this to primary school children.

How can you not get it, you dumbass?”




In the last 2 months,

I’ve learned how to iron my clothes properly;

Even groom and dress myself properly;

(i never knew I could look so smart)


I’ve learned to be a barman

I’ve learned to be a waiter;

I’ve learned to operate a variety of tills

And they all look different


I had, even learnt to ask for a sandwich in Arabic;

Forgotten that now, been too busy learning other things;

So much I have learnt; how much can I learn?

Or am I as stupid as I’ve always believed?


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