Impotent Rage

Impotent Rage

By jfarrell


What am I going to do?

This thug, twice my height, twice my width;

Says “One more word, and I gonna knock your teeth out!”

And I haven’t said anything.


When they stopped my ESA and housing benefit,

I jumped through all the hoops they told me to;

Went to college, quickly got paid employment

I know I still need more hours.


When they stopped my benefit I was £30 in rent arrears;

Now they say it’s all sorted out anew, I’m £777 in arrears;

Yes, I had a breakdown,

Yes, I was on benefits.


I didn’t actually let a kid break his ankles, when I was last working;

Because it nearly happened, coz I was ill;

I got the hell out.

I left my job, lost my home, was ill!


What am I going to do?

Shafted, how else would you see it?

Torn between murderous rage and cut my own wrists depression;

I hate impotent rage - and they tell me, that’s a choice too.


The doing nothing about it part;

Give in to your rage and righteous anger.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

yep, slightly peed off

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