The Dream and The Lie...

I want you to understand that I have navigated through lovers,

only to find myself lonely again--

Distant lovers, close lovers, how I desire to love you again...

The fear of being hurt again holds me back and with a smile

I hide the sadness of my heart--

Wish you like my dreams, you give me a breath of fresh air

without fury or pain...In my life you are my light and guide.

Tired of being lonely, sleeping with an emptiness, awaking

without a will--

Your sensuality is sweet like honey, I want to go crazy in your

body, lose myself in the dreams of your hair, love you over and

over again...

Maybe you are a lie I want to believe in, the taste of your lips

convince me that the sins between us have salvation--

that is, if I take a chance to love again.

Live in a dream or love a lie...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Should I love a dreaming lie??

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Live in a dream or love a lie

This phrase strikes one of the deepest chords in me. I understand it too well as I also do in the phrase *awaking without a will*...Achingly,,,yearningly,,,sorrowfully-beautiful..Very Nice!..keep posting...raven_hair