Monologues of A Schizophrenic

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'Monologues Of A Schizophrenic' is my latest work-in-progress; coming into characters will be challenging, as I embark in a journey to show the world through the eyes of a Schizoid mind. This mental disease is hard to deal with as a person and in family. Two of my uncles are Schizoid's; they live in reality and fantasy; however, I have seen moments of mental clarity in both (a very small window) where sanity reflects of their eyes. Why, am I researching this disease? Why, am I becoming an advocate of Schizophrenia research? Did you know only 1% of the world's population suffers from Schizophrenia; and the saddest thing is that most who are mentally ill don't even know it! Or are scared to seek help for the fear of being called a 'crazy person'. The signs are easy to detect but hard to comprehend!! Believe it or not, at times I have displayed certain traits that makes me think, "Hmm, maybe I am a schizoid." I miss the rational conversations I used to have with one of my uncles; unfortunately, one of them is fully diagnosed and seduce with heavy medications daily. To have a better understanding of the disease and learn how to engage with a schizoid mind, I will speak, think, and see like a schizophrenic by extensive research already begun, questions to the family, and conversations with other diagnose schizoids. Now, why am I sharing this with you? I am giving my audience a glimpse of how a schizoid mind lives daily by becoming the characters of my inner voices, and the voices inside both of my uncles head. A roll that I am scared to enter but intrigued to welcome! I will share my work-in-progress through my artist page Soulcriticpoet: Poetry and Stories by Sergio Valencia however, don't be alarmed if you read a comment or post from someone else inside my head on my personal page! #becomingthecharacter #livingthecharacter #IamAschizoid #Imaynotbemyselfforawhile #monologuesofaschizophrenic #soulcriticpoet #2013 CIRCA* 2013-


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