"I didn't know you were coming,
I would've taken time to look my
best, if I would've known."

"No worries, I am here now, did
you miss me?"

"Of course son we missed you!"
"You know we love you son."

"Is that why you send me to the
white hotel for a vacation?"

"Yes dear, you need it some time
to relax. How do you feel?

"I don't know, you tell me?
"You know for play time I couldn't
play, because the men is white
put a jacket on me that was too
tight, so I sat there and talked
with my friend Esmeralda."

"Who is Esmeralda?"

"She's the little girl that died in
the white room; she said the
men in white killed her."
"Esmeralda is here right now
dad, say Hi."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a tale of deceit!!

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