A Conversation between Noah and Sergio—I joined in later.



-Sergio paces back and forth in his room;

he’s upset because his day was ruined

after his lazy ass boss decided not to

show up at the job sight at the time he

said to meet him there. Sergio waited an

hour, after several attempts to call him,

no answer or text back; he drove back

home. Sergio is on the phone with him

now; the boss is telling him to go back to

the job site; he woke up late!



“Fuck that fool! I won’t be putting

 up with this shit!!” “I need to be

 my own fucken boss already!” 




“Man, you have been saying that for

a long minute now, get with it!

Handle it already!”



“That’s the plan when I return, if I

return from El Salvador. I’m tired

of working for punk ass haters.”

They see my skills, I shut em’

down, and what gets to them, I

don’t pop my collars but collect




“For sure Serge, you’ll get your

business L’s, you know you will.”

The thing you do well is you’re a

persistent fucker and optimist too.

You been here before and when you

least expects it opportunity comes

knockin” “Don’t sweat it brother!”



“Thank you brother! I don’t know

what I’ll do without you!”



“What about me brother, you know yo’

twin. We like peanut butter and jelly…

you’re the right nut, I’m the left…you

are my sunshine.”


-(I start laughing out loud)



“This guey, shut the flute up cabron.”


 -Sergio to Me:

“Hey you and me will never

grow apart, together hasta la

muerte carnal. Pero tu sabes,

Noah has been our childhood
friend, always there for us 

with his kind words. Siempre 

nos da la mano con sus consejos.

I don’t think there is a better

counselor than you Noah,



- Noah shed a few tears of warmth, feeling

welcomed and loved; he walks towards the

mirror and wipes his tears, saying, “Thank you
brothers.” Sergio’s face and mine reflect in the

mirror, simultaneously telling Noah, “No biggie,

we love ya’ brother!”


-!Noah, Sergio, and I walked out of the room together

with a smile on our face!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self-Analization; Self-Psychology!! Can you treat yourself, mentally?


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