She was left behind, alone with me in a

motel with vacant rooms just like our


Stood in front of the mirror putting on

her make-up for the third time tonight;

her body still moist from the shower

she had just taken before being left…

she wanted to stay and chose not to go!

I felt the chemistry when we inhaled the

poison earlier that night when she first

came in the room. Four people, four

zombies…two left, two stayed!

The time our story began this night was

at three in the morning; the witching

hour, she giggled when I said,

“Come here and sit next to me.”

We were both in heat, I could smell her


She said what I thought sounded like,

“Fuck that fool!” Then laughed out

loud in a sinister way while staring at

the direction of the bathroom; no one

was there, which actually heated me up

more to ravage her body like a beast in

the wild.

Her stare was now on me, as she slowly

swayed her body like a serpent to the

side of the bed I laid in, to the sound of

nothing she moved, but I’m sure there

was something playing in her head.

There was music playing in my head.

She sat next to me, but wasn’t sure who

I was? Am I? Or where she was? I don’t

think she knew herself that night either.

My mind gone, blown away; lust and the

desires of the flesh have filled my heart

with filth—Orgies in Moloch’s name; the

dirty women of the night still give me the

best love money can’t buy.

I heard voices also that night. At first

whispers, then louder to hear the sound of

a noun, and as I laid there naked I heard a

voice say, “Take her! Be with her!’ I laid

with her, the room was dark, but I could

feel demons breathing down my neck as I

position myself behind her; her warmth,

my thrust, her moans, my groans, more,

more, she wanted more, I wanted to score!

Her kisses were gentle as if she shared

them with precision; every move she made

was calculated.  

“Claudia!” Now I remember her name—

it’s just a coincidence that I happen to know

another lady name Claudia who also is a

diagnose Schizoid! She’s very down to earth,

Oxycodone down!


She talks to herself, I do too! So convincingly

that in-between our conversation we were

politely interrupted by a third-party who was

not present joins in our conversation. A quick

interruption that caught her attention, laughed

and said, “You’re stupid, leave us alone.”

The fact that she was speaking to no one wasn’t

my concern; I was bothered by the interruption,

which I took as disrespect!?

She sense my jealousy towards no one in

particular; she taught that was sweet of me, and

we had sex again, again, and again—

Claudia let out her last sigh after she was

finished, said something like ‘Thanks’ with her

face in the pillow, I think simultaneously she

fell asleep and began a heavy snore….

We were both dead, barely alive, on a wired

theory of immortality. I couldn’t speak, no

sound came about, I thought, “Can the voices in

our heads carry conversations for us without

moving lips and tongue…telepathy?

Our breaths ran short, my last sigh was also my

last breath with Claudia; loving a schizophrenic

can become a mental challenge, just ask both


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Schizoid Me?

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