A Conversation between MeEgo and Noah

(conversation between MeEgo and Noah)


"Noah, did you talk to Sergio today?"


"Briefly, he mentioned he was going over a friends home."


"Yes, we did go earlier to Richards, but he dropped me off

around midnight here at home. Left, and...wait, I think I

hear him thinking!"


"I'm glad that went well with her, I seriously thought she

was going to get upset, but she held the feeling inside.

I hope our friendship continues, man, I'm tired!"

-MeEgo and Noah :

"Welcome home Sergio, good to see you back!"

MeEgo, Noah, and Sergio take the same seat and exhale!

Its been a long day, short night, I will lay me down to




#Noah and #MeEgo

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My best friends...

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