A Conversation with Esmeralda


"I hate this jacket they put on me,

I'm not even cold!" Besides the

temperature in this room is warm.

"Fuck these men in white!!"


Suddenly a cold shiver up my spine,

with a cold touch on my shoulders.

I smelled her in the air, I turn to

see her...Esmeralda has come to

visit me again. She's my friend!


"Hi friend," she says--

"Hi Esmeralda, how have you been?"

"I haven't seen you in a week." I

ask. "I'm sorry Noah, I was visiting

my parents, but they are not ready,

I frighten them," she explained her

mother's doubt of an afterlife and

ghosts like us." then added, "My

brother's and sister's cannot see

me or hear me, they don't miss me!"


Esmeralda begins to weep, her

tears are blood drops becoming

stones when her tears hit the floor.

I tried to give her a hug, but the

jacket I was wearing didn't have

sleeves, so I just leaned into her;

she extended her arms and

embraced me.



"Thank you Sergio, I mean Noah."

she smiled and exited through the




"Bye, Esmeralda...come back soon!"





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where is Esmeralda?

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Somewhere living within his

Somewhere living within his fragmented mind?