Navy Canopy

Weakest streaks of black and blue
adorn my chest to speak to you
that I had taken bruises, too,
and by your hand, by your surmise;
I was to be abused.

Soreness felt from clutch-ed heart
makes vibrance as you would depart.
Content yet with a sudden start,
you folded in and left me
outstretched beneath the dark.

I struggled to rebuild myself:
a construct drawn from deepened wells;
black by ash from flames of hell.
You knew to where I'd sunken,
though I could barely tell.

Eyes had hungered there for light,
a semblant aid made justified --
through ambient and stillest night,
I thought you would return.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I engage these feelings every day, hoping to one day grow numb to them and the things that they make me write. I'm so tired of spewing bile about my loneliness and how little I feel my life is worth. I don't know what or how to attain it, but I need something new; something that will jar me from my ambivalence and inspire me to, at the very fucking least, write about something that isn't myself, and how miserable I am.

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