At Heaven’s Shore

Emptiness greets me again, draining all signs of life from the brilliance in my eyes
I stand lost in chaos, and all senses of founding control seem to fade away
I shake and tremble in a drowning fear, one which shatters my soul with unheard cries
One that binds the essence of my perception, and leaves me blinded from the light of day

Dreaming for transcendence, hoping for the desires of my heart to be met with true understanding
And not twisted with modern expectation of what ought to be able to achieve
For this is what my mind has lingered upon, for the embrace of my inner being’s innocent offerings
Rather than be dwindled with senseless ideals and dogmas, and be told how and what to believe

I’m growing sicker of this game day by day, my breaths grow shallower and swell in pain
My mind’s sinking deeper into sorrow’s formless hands, and it beckons impulses, it calls for more
It cries out for a hint of relief and respite from the pangs of principles, and a refuge from shame
It longs for the arrival to a far greater place, one that exists only, at heaven’s shore

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