If I could colour my words






If I could color my words

I would paint them when I send it to you


If you were sad, I would send them in gray

you can stay in the mist as long as you want  


If you feel in chaos, I would send them in green

The only anser is in a garden


If you were happy, I would send them in yellow

It would give you wings


If you were in tense, I would send them in black

It would absorb your fear


If you were relaxed, I would send them in blue

You would remember the night at the ocean and moon in the sky


If you were fragile, I would send them in violet

It would remind you that calm in silence


If you feel free, I would send them in rainbow.

You would realize that you are not alone





Author's Notes/Comments: 

All the feelings has some clours but we can not see.

But you see it in your heart.

So I tried to discribe them in words.


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Like like

Like like

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Like like

Thank you! Like likeWink

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Feelings Have Colors

Yes, and shades and tones and densities - nice concept for a poem - slc



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Thank you for your

Thank you for your comment.

Shade and Tones, I may try them next