Merciless in deed

in blade

in grin.

Flowerless in garden,

of an overgrown grass.

a secret path

but only a room

alone is the key

the doors on the floor.

But you have to be able to fly.

Theres a place.

A mention made

in passing.

And now to desert

all the dry

countless and small

no matter the sky stays with us.

doubtless your in the room.

enjoy the time

ancitipate the death

for then all love will be thine

after releasing the burden of breath.

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I think there is release to

I think there is release to be found in life not only in death. Your poem is very final about finding release through death. A bit sad this poem and it certainly makes you think about death and it's consequences. The poem is quite abstract in definition of locating the dying character. Enjoyed the rhyming of the poem adds a sense of the dramatic to it. A good read your poem.