Forever yours

And there she was.

A perfect combination of love, pain, beauty and ambition infused in a cascade of brilliance. Like a rabbit caught in a trap I fall for her, for her sky blue eyes, for her laugh that rings happiness, for her kindness that is seemingly endless.

And there she was.

Planets tremble and stars collide as we glance at one another, the very fabric of existence bending in agreement. Butterflies explode in my stomach, eager to escape and witness the angel that has descended into my life.

And there she was.

Our lips touch, my heart stops. With a jolt my life is sucked back into me, and I awake to a beautiful face synced in tune with mine. She smiles, the corner of her mouth curling against my cheek, a gesture of longing, of built up emotion seething from a perfect source.

And there she was.

Time slows as the smile transforms into a sad, inverted curve. I feel a tear drop onto my face, a single tear. My conscience wimpers at the thought that she will never love me, the thought that we are parallel lines, that will never meet, that we will never be.

And there she was.

At that moment my heart was sent to her, however broken it may be. I gave myself to her, to the demon that disguises itself as an angel, with a hope that maybe one day, it will recognise my hopelessness and the parallel lines will meet. 

And then she was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a love that is untrue, but endless

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I can so relate to this poem!

I can so relate to this poem! Enjoyed the read even though I am not melissa

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