Volume One





I find myself staring at the stars in the night's sky

remembering those days when I was on an endless high

and wishing I would die, Instead of saying goodbye

the tears run down my cheek, looking into the past with just a peek

If only you would have told me to speak

I wouldn't have hid away

now I struggle through each day

If only I had stopped you, reasoned with you to stay

Now I pay, I so much I had wanted to say


"You taught me how to kiss and it was bliss,

You taught me how to feel and that was a great deal,

you took my heart upon your hands with every

curve of your fingers, these feelings still linger"


I find myself staring off from dusk till dawn thinking of you,

I didn't realize how scared I was until I had lost you

but if only you knew, all this pain I'm going through




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(Updated From; Psycho- Confessions)

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i feel
of pain
into this one .