A Ripple In Time

The Prompt Pit

Glass underneath her feet doesn't hurt

She's numb
She's a diamond dripping with blood
Pictures are discarded, cracked and she treads on them all.
His babies, his wedding, his memories with friends,
They pop and splinter and she absorbs the pain,
howls with sore laughter
Round and round the cold room,
His eyes are dead, but still he watches her kill his ghost.
With each step, her own mind grins.
Each crack of glass and she's young.
Each advance and she's laughing.
A garden, a holiday, a party
A slap, a scream, and long night.
She shrieks something wild and rips her untamed hair,
She was on fire, her skin peeling black
now she's extinguished in even blacker icy depths.
This ripple in time is curious,
but lasts no more than a minute.
Pretty little girl, now a vicious little lady,
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