Crystal Halls

Twisted Reflection
Mirrored in a hundred directions
Shafted Prisms
Distort projections of my ire
Snaking Hallways
To move ten feet takes forty days
Glistening Blades
Slash my heart, never tire

These crystal halls, iridescent walls, shine so bright, burn me blind
Inverted portraits stare back at me
Quit laughing

Surface frozen
Brittled bones at slightest touch
Breath is stolen
Their hands reach out to seize my throat
Dripping incisors
Wicked grin painted black
Lost in mind maze
Don't believe I will come back

Every surface laughing, build into cacophony
existence isn't just what you can see
Bloodied shards of my pride strewn in my skull
The walls move ever closer with every lull

I must defend against you, smash my fist into your heart
illusion shatters; skull blown apart
fear everlasting, he's free, now he'll find me
open my eyes, returned to start
Booming ticks echo through,
they're timing me, collect their due
walls are melting, wretched legion
marching forth, murderous intentions
my only weapon, crooked spine
every heartbeat chronicles new crimes
they've come to stop an earthly arson
body puppeteered, a meat harlequin
holograms of virtue surround you
created by the lights of Hell
searing flesh, sickly smell
clock hands stop, reach my death knell.

Convex optic
world I see tormented beams
Blackened moonlight
carried on a rancid breeze
starving, haggard
crawl my way out of the maze
the world's on fire
guess I should've stayed.

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Lack of punctuation creates great ambiguity, intentional, adding chaos to the poem, intentionally, but obscuring meaning (intent). There are not directions, no markers, no knitting factors to send the reader one way or other...chaos poetry carries the weight of too many metaphors...still intriguing, not a fan of the subject...I was lost in a maze...dramatic but impoetic at times ...allets



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A very interesting and

A very interesting and graphic read I love the analogies but there seemed a slight detachment from the scene an observation rather than an experience except till the end where it started to warm up with the pits of hell fire underneith! I loved the way you paired up your words and created interesting thought scapes! Well done! Cheers SS

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