The Hope chest

Just a thought!

When you’ve dreamed all your dreams and made all your wishes
And filled up your hope chest with linen and dishes,
You’ll put on some tint for your soft changing hair and
Pull out some cream for your daily skin care.
You’ll peek in the mirror and look back with a smile,
Cause your dreams are still there that you’ve had for a while.
You’ll close the lid gently; precious things hid away…
In hopes a loved one will share them someday.
By Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Everyone has hopes and dreams and precious things to share"

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Also lives in the hopes
Sometimes we have what we want in our hands and we do not see

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I Had A Hope Chest

five rooms and a basement - gave it away to nieces and nephews, only daughter, son-in-law, and grandson - Recently, I parted with 3 sets of dishes and 2 set of glassware and some curtains. (Who needs three sets of silverware?). - I have no sense of continuity, only the notion that there will be no arguments over that crap when I'm gone ~(:D)- Nice stroll through some finely and well woven rhymed wisdom ~ Lady A