Death By Embracing The Reflection of the Moon

She dreamed of a great white falling star while he was still inside her darkness,

A bright burning babe,

He would tame wild birds,

Kill many men,

Hand wealth away to friends,


An immortal exiled from heaven,

bottomless wine cup forever full,

Through war and sadness,

Life and Love,

Singing Wildly, Drunkly to Spring,

She was intoxicated in the sunlight,


the emperor's under the spell of his wine soaked words,

Please Sing us your song,


I will sing my song,

but when my song is done, 

my senses will be gone,


a boat ,

Alone on the river,

Embracing the Reflection of the moon

his senses were gone,

his song had been sung

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must ingest wine and return

must ingest wine and return to relate...

Much Love


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of all your posted poems,

of all your posted poems, this one is my favorite.